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Many blockchain networks are controlled by a single or small group of entities. This renders them exposed to a Sybil attack, where nodes, or the people controlling them, act, collude or bribe, to undermine the integrity of the blockchain ledger and defraud users.

Fern protocol

Fern makes any blockchain network more decentralised and secure by connecting identified node and oracle providers through an anonymous protocol. Fern combines enterprise compliance requirements with trustless network fundamentals.

Pictogram certificate

Pool of identified and verified node and oracle providers

Pictogram network

Blockchain platform agnostic protocol

Pictogram trust

Anonymous selection and connection to blockchain protocol network: trustless

Live demo

Once a blockchain application network has connected with independent providers of nodes and oracles, they’ll be able to view all activity from their dashboard.




Launch event at Level 39, London

Keynote at Fintech Week, London

Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO

They work on FERN

Fern was conceived by the team at Applied Blockchain, spending 3 years delivering over 20 blockchain smart contract applications for some of the largest corporates and most exciting startups.


Adi Ben-Ari


Francesco Canessa

Technical Lead

Andrew Witzenfeld

Product Manager

Rashee Pandey

Marketing Lead

Corey Parkinson

Business Development

Katerina Sobetskaia

Community Manager

Jimmy Chen

Blockchain Developer

Arnaud Darré

UX/UI Designer


Chris Adelsbach

Managing Director at Techstars

Brian McNulty

Managing Director at R3

Aylon Morley

Director at Wentworth Hall

Nadav Rosenberg

Founder/partner at Entrepreneurs First

Governance Board
Fern Network Ltd

Adi Ben-Ari


Corey Parkinson


Gary McKay



Proof of Concept

  • Protocol selects independent nodes from identified pool
  • Protocol selects oracles from identified pool
  • Measurement of node and oracle provider proof of service
  • Basic network UI

Sept 2018

UI & Wallets

  • Creation of provider identity profiles
  • Dashboard for viewing pool and provider identities
  • Ring signature key creation and validation
  • Standard key management
  • Combined proof creation and validation

March 2019

Trustless Provider Selection

  • Selection algorithm
  • Requisite number of trusted node providers connected anonymously with blockchain application networks
  • Ring signature proofs
  • Ability for blockchain applications and users to validate anonymous node ring membership

Sept 2019

Platform Support

  • Integration with interledger bridging protocols inc. Polkadot & Cosmos to facilitate the transfer of messages between blockchain networks
  • Fern smart contracts will be made available for a range of blockchain platforms inc. Plasma, Quorum, Fabric, Corda and many others

Sept 2020