Decentralisation as a Service

Fern adds security and trust to decentralised application networks

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How it works


Today, most blockchain applications are initially deployed to private networks or networks with a limited number of nodes. While these networks provide ability to control access to data and greater transaction throughput, they do also have their drawbacks, limiting the ability for blockchain applications to be fully trusted and adopted.

What is Fern?

Fern provides decentralisation as a service. Our goal is to allow any blockchain to add security and trust to their network by providing access to a community of identifiable, yet anonymous, node and oracle providers. Blockchains that require additional, independent nodes and oracles can request them from the Fern community. These third-party nodes from Fern provide the additional decentralization that can allow members of limited-node networks to be trusted and applications to grow.

Pictogram certificate


Systematically add nodes as needed to ensure the level of security in any blockchain

Pictogram network


Dual-security method to separate identity vs anonymity, and secured by Fern

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Fern also supports the most widely used smart contract-based blockchain software

Pictogram trust


Fern blockchain can scale to thousands of nodes as needed for each network


Launch event at Level 39, London

Rethink Trust, Amsterdam

Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO

Keynote at Fintech Week, London

Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO

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Once a blockchain application network has connected with independent providers of nodes and oracles, they’ll be able to view all activity from their dashboard.

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Proof of Concept

  • Protocol selects independent nodes from identified pool
  • Protocol selects oracles from identified pool
  • Measurement of node and oracle provider proof of service

Network & Passport

  • Selection algorithm
  • Requisite number of trusted node providers connected anonymously with blockchain application networks
  • Creation of identity and anonymity passport
  • Ring signature key creation and validation & zero knowledge proofs
  • Ability for blockchain applications and users to validate anonymous node ring membership

Platform Support

  • Integration with interledger bridging protocols including Polkadot & Cosmos to facilitate the transfer of messages between blockchain networks
  • Fern overlay smart contracts will be made available for a range of blockchain platforms including Plasma, Quorum, Fabric, Corda and many others